Friday, May 30, 2008

anemones round 2

yep...more anemones are on the loose! i decided to work with this idea a bit more. this one was painted on wood board. it measures 30 1/2" x 11". and like the anemones of old (see below), these anemones are currently being hoarded by me and my sparse walls. i didn't intend to do so, but halfway through this piece i found myself inspired by the colors that are in my bedspread. right now i'm sitting on my bedroom floor and the anemones are propped next to me atop my dresser. they fit well there. although, unlike the other anemones, i went ahead and posted these in my shop. so, if they sell, i will delightfully let go of them. be on the lookout for a round 3 and maybe even 4. 


Christy said...

love them! i bet they look so good in your house! i had so much fun with everyone last night - glad we did that! ps(yes - i am at work and doing this)

kelly said...

aren't you proud that you know flower names like anemone?! i'm impressed :)
i like this one. i like the colors. i wish i were rich & could commission you to come paint for my bare walls! one day... :)

see you soon-ish.