Tuesday, April 7, 2009

blank be gone

commissioned triptych, each canvas measures 24"x36"

i've slacked on the picture taking lately, so i made a point to snap a quick photo of this piece before it gets delivered tomorrow. you might remember a series of paintings i created for a healthcare project last year...this is another piece that will be on display with the others. after hanging all of the pieces, the waiting room still had a remaining blank wall that really needed something on it, so we decided to go with a three piece that will coordinate with this.

Thursday, April 2, 2009

hunting art prize 2009

remember him? mister abrams. he's made quite the debut on my blog over the past year. and i am truly thankful and honored to report that i sent him away to houston, texas a few days ago, as he was chosen to be one of the 2009 hunting art prize finalists.

for those of you unfamiliar with this prize:

"the hunting art prize, which is sponsored by the international oil services company hunting, plc, is a prestigious annual competition open to established artists, talented newcomers, and promising amateurs. it's $50,000 award is the most generous annual art prize in the U.S. and has helped to build the reputations, raise the profiles, and support the careers of distinguished artists."

needless to say, i wouldn't mind taking home that prize, but at the same time am truly humbled just to get to be a part. a gala takes place at the beginning of may where all of the art will be displayed and the winner will be revealed. 

in other news, i have been busy creating all sorts of commission pieces: people portraits, ranch houses, burros, dogs, zebras, trees and abstracts. if you are one of the few consistent pop tart readers, i apologize that i have been neglecting the blog lately.  i am going to make an effort to step it up. thanks for stopping by!