Tuesday, August 5, 2008


well, i never did post the completed piece. after i finished last thursday i suddenly became unmotivated to blog about it anymore. so there he is! i think i'm finished, anyway. i'm contemplating touching it up in a few spots. we'll see...

lots of you have asked me to tell you the backstory on mister abrams...why i am painting him. i actually do not know him. i do know his first name is john, and that he is an artist. i was given a photograph to work from. he is sitting in front of an old crusty, rusted wall that has some sort of written logo flaking off of it. i think the writing might read "weatherking". but, that is just my guess. the reason that i'm painting this is for an opening show at a new gallery called "gallery 211". each artist is creating a portrait of john to their liking, using different photographs. those are the only details i know thus far. i'll fill you in when i know more!