Wednesday, November 12, 2008

tagged. i'm it!

i am so honored to have been "tagged" by illustrator, vanessa brantley newton at she really is an amazing artist and i love looking at her work. i wish that i had her imagination. you should definitely take a trip over to her blog and look at all of her fun and inspiring illustrations. i am normally horrible at following through with tags and chain e-mails (you could actually add that to my list as number 8), but i was so honored that vanessa would think to tag me, i wanted to do it. AND i want to see how those friends that i tag might answer as well. i can only imagine. they are each very unique and special and funny and i certainly like them:

here are the rules:

1. link the tagger and post the rules
2. post 7 random facts about yourself
3. tag 7 friends and link to them
4. let them know they have been tagged by leaving a nice little message on their blog

so, here are 7 random facts you might not know about me:

1. i love to eat pure-sugar sweets like rock candy (or just pure sugar by the spoonful).
2. i visualize numbers in color (ie: "5" is sky blue, "6" is pink, "7" is yellow, etc...).
3. i would like to live in london again one day.
4. i've always wanted to write and illustrate at least one children's book.
5. i haven't eaten at taco bell since 1988.
6. i'm fascinated by the local restaurant, egg roll hut (see visual above), but have never been inside. i doubt i ever will. i took that photo one afternoon.
7. i loved watching "little house on the prairie" when i was small and still compare my circumstances to laura ingalls wilder when i think times are tough. just think of how tough laura had it out on the prairie...

alright, be tagged! 


Jen Haney said...

thanks for tagging me!!!! I, too, tell my kids that they should eat their food even when it is dropped on the floor. Laura did it. I know she did. I will never forget when everyone got the plague on Little House on the Prarie....I cried my eyes out!

Darrah said...

i'm laughing out loud right now!

Rebecca said...

Dave the rave just yelled and said "that's my favorite sign in dallas" when I showed him the pic. We both drove by it twice a day every day for three years and still laughed at it at least once a week. Chicago definitely needs an Egg Roll Hut.

Darrah said...

b and rave,
i really love that you drove by the hut laughing for three years! maybe next time you're in town we can all drive by and laugh together.

Marci said...

how does tagging work? do i leave my 7 factoids on my own blog? i am new to this!!!