Monday, July 6, 2009

fancy dancers

commission, 15"x22" (or so), acrylic on gesso board

another art deco-style piece that i was working on when i posted the one below a couple of weeks ago. it will hang near "beachy". i just never got around to posting it once i was finished.  


kelly said...

deany! i hadn't stopped by in awhile!! how fun to see your deco stuff. love the beachy women & i am sorry for the loner. oh, & i have become a bit addicted to some bravo tv, i must admit!
yaaay for another art show in tyler - wonderful!

Rebecca said...

any chance these were inspired by some nice (but over eager) asian couple at high tea a few years back?? i love it.

Simz said...

really classy painting .,..kinda jazzy too it too

Susanna Katherine said...

Like the style...nice work.