Sunday, December 14, 2008

day 3

3'x4', acrylic on canvas

this is the second of five pieces that i'm working on for the healthcare project that i wrote about earlier. it will be hanging in the same newly re-modeled office as the piece down below. three more to follow soon...

AND many many thanks to jason and his wife, joy, for building an outrageous number of wooden canvas frames for me over the last couple of months. they are not woodsmen/women by day (although they could be because they have impeccable woodworking skills), but have been so kind to help me out by building a number of custom frame sizes, many of which do not exist in an art store. they have been a huge help to me. not only is the construction quite time consuming, but it takes skills. carpentry skills that i do not possess. thank you so much, jason and joy! i really appreciate you. 

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