Friday, December 12, 2008

12 days 'til christmas

11"x15" commission, charcoal on illustration board 

it is a busy time for me right now and for that i am very thankful!  today i realized that it is the 12th of december. and upon realizing it is the 12th of december, i also realized that i have 12 commissioned pieces to be completed by christmas eve. yes, 12. yes, i am feeling a bit overwhelmed. but, at the same time truly glad to be so busy. in all fairness, i did get a head start earlier this week on a few of the pieces. the first one is posted above. it is a house portrait created to be given as a christmas gift. 

so, i thought i'd attempt to do a countdown every day until christmas eve by posting each new piece as it is completed. *note* - i will attempt...

happy 12th of december to you!


merparker said...

You'll get it done! It was good to see you the other night! See you soon!

Clint said...

good job at attempting!!! i'm impressed with attempts :)
ps - isn't the espresso truffle good? at least you walked to get it!!
pps - thanks for the compliments :)

Darrah said...

thanks mer! great to see you and the fam the other night, too. baby t really is such a cute one! i hope you've been doing well the last few days.

and thanks for being impressed "clint". i know you can appreciate my attempts more than most!

Christy said...

darrah -
i love that piece! you are so talented. good luck with these 12 days of christmas. i can't believe it will be here so quickly. let's get together this week!