Saturday, December 13, 2008

day number 2

commissioned triptych. 3'x6' (when all three hang together), acrylic on canvas

this is the finished piece created from the samplings that i wrote about a few posts ago. the color isn't great because i had to take the photos inside (as you can tell by looking at our little bare bottomed faux tree. i keep intending to make a skirt for him...).

day number two in the attempt and still going strong. 


Beverly said...

Hey Deer- I've decided to start commenting on blogs, since I look at them enough! I love the triptych. Good luck with the daily project completion- I know you can do it! I didn't realize that Christmas trees are gender specific, but you referred to yours as "him." Can't wait to se the skirt you make for him someday!

Darrah said...

bev! so glad you emerged with your commentary. thanks for the the triptych compliments and encouragement! and yes, i did refer to our tree as "him". it's just a hunch, really. but, he still needs a skirt.

perhaps you should start a "beverly's blog". i would read it!

Anonymous said...