Monday, December 15, 2008

day 4

                   triptych, 3'x6', acrylic on canvas 

a super rough photo taken inside at night underneath an overhead globe light. this is the third healthcare piece that will hang amongst the others. honestly, i don't know what i think of this one yet. i really haven't stepped back to look at it much until now. it is helpful for me to see it on the screen and think about it for a bit, although the colors look somewhat different in person - a little less saturated. 


Virginie Meyers said...

Thanks so much for your support, Darrah. It was so fun to see Michael and you Sunday morning!

I love your posts! It's so fun to see all the art your creating! It's incredible that you have so many commissions! Wow, the Lord really answered your prayers, and in abundance. :-)

Darrah said...

thanks so much, v! and it is incredible. i am thankful.