Wednesday, December 17, 2008

day 5 on 6

commission. 20"x48", acrylic on canvas

a day late. i'm blaming it all on the icy weather we've been having here in dallas. i'm working on day 6 right now and will try to give it a post later tonight. 


kelly said...


that darn ice :)

Beverly said...

I really am so amazed at your speed of delivery! Have you started and finished these all on one day or had you started them earlier? Either way, very impressive!

Darrah said...

thanks kelly and bev!

some of them i started last week and some i started on the day of - like this birch tree one. i actually think i work better when i have a limited amount of time (for the most part)). i kinda like the pressure - but, when i know i have zero breathing room in between pieces, i start to go a little nutty.