Thursday, December 18, 2008

day 6 (a little late)

commission. 2'x6', acrylic on canvas.

it's thursday morning and super-drizzly outside, so i had to take another rough indoors shot. this is the fourth healthcare piece.

notice the tree skirt that i "made" (aka: a white fitted t-shirt sheet). at least he's not bare now. also, notice the two presents under the tree. those are for me. i have been advised not to creep on them, though. hence, i am not allowed to do any type of poking on the presents. realistically, michael is at work today. i could poke all i wanted and he would never know. but, i won't. i did give him my word, and i really do like to be surprised. it has also been suggested that i remove my glasses this afternoon when fedex comes to the door to deliver another package. that way i will not be able to read the return address on the box. 


Beverly said...

like the tree skirt. like the painting too. like it all. keep up the good work!

Darrah said...

thanks, cuz! you are such my encourager.